Großer Garten – Welcome to the Botanical Garden of TU Dresden

Situated beside Dresden’s biggest community park ‘Großer Garten’ plus the Volkswagen Manufactory, the Botanical Backyard presents enjoyment and inspiration to plant fans all year spherical. About 10,000 plant species from unique locations of the whole world are cultivated listed here within just a region of 3.25 acres.

The collection is predominantly arranged geographically which is shown in landscaped grounds. This applies for the 3 greenhouses with crops from tropical and subtropical locations and also to substantial elements of the open space.

In front of the tropical conservatory, site visitors encounter witnesses of a bygone time: fossil tree stumps and a collection of residing crops whose closest kinfolk were involved in the development of brown coal through the Tertiary Period of time in Central Europe.

The morphological Section offers herbal adaptations to different environmental factors. Adjacent to it guests come across a collection of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Species with characteristic similarities may be grouped into plant family members. The taxonomic part introduces this sort of botanically relevant groups.

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